Teatro della Limonaia was established in 1987 in Sesto Fiorentino an XVI century historical venue in Florence. Limonaia manages the Intercity Festival, founded in 1988, which includes new works, repertory programming, readings, meeting with authors, exhibitions, performances and workshops  from a different target city/country each year. The Theatre is also involved with projects as the acting school Scuola di Teatro Intercity, and other youth projects.

Teatro della Limonaia/Intercity Project started to work and invest in young people, on and off the stage, many years ago. The aim was to show young people that theatre is more than 'a stage' and that it can open up a world of possibilities, giving life to their talents and cultural activities. Limonaia has become a theatre strongly associated with young audiences and youth in general. Find out more about Teatro della Limonaia

Find out more about Teatro della Limonaia.

Teatro della Limonaia Youth Board

Camilla Pieri

Camilla was born in 1990 in Fiesole. She loves theatre, both as a graduate in Cultural Events Planning and as an actress herself. She decided to take part in the Take Over project for the experience and to develop her skills. Camilla has previously taken part in events with the cultural association CANTIERE OBRAZ, Compagnia dei Manichini, Artis Florence and Butterfly Effect.

Claudio Caciolli

Claudio is 26 years old and he lives in Florence. After graduating in Business Economics, he specialized in Web Marketing. His love of music lead him to start an activity event planner for Florentine nightlife. He decided to take part in Take Over to improve his event planning skills and for a new experience 


Elena Poggioni

Elena is 24 and is currently completing her studies in Political Science. Elena has always been fascinated by theatre and has previously been involved with events in Florence as an actress and assistant director. She is also greatly interested in cinema. Since 2013 Elena has been working with a video production company called The Factory Prd as a screenwriter, special FX make-up artist and assistant director.

Gaia Fronzaroli

Gaia has been in involved with the Teatro della Limonaia for several years as she joined the Connections Project in 2005. She then went on to study at the Intercity School of Drama and graduated in 2013. In 2015 she collaborated with the Cultural Association “Scarlattine Teatro” as an organiser for the Giardino delle Esperidi Festival and for the European project “Meeting the Odyssey”.


Gianni Bertolli

Gianni Bertolli

Marta Checcucci

Marta is 22 years old and she has always lived in Florence. Connected with such an artistic city, she developed an interest in art and its many forms. In High School Marta was heavily involved in dance and music. She is now at university continuing her studies as a cultural events planner, she is also involved in the student association and planning their events. Marta’s desire to gain a deeper knowledge of planning cultural activities encouraged her involvement with Take Over.

Tommaso Carovani

Tommaso was born in 1991 in Prato. After graduating from High School Tommaso has continued his studies in events management. He was drawn to the Take Over project due to his love of theatre and desire to learn more about acting and directing.

Valentina Esposito

Valentina was born in 1991 in Southern Italy. She moved to Florence several years ago to pursue her dreams of becoming a cultural events planner. She became involved with the Take Over project because she wants to encourage young people into theatre.