The mission of the Kolarac Foundation is to present and promote culture, science and art, alongside lifelong learning.

Through culture and education Kolarac aims to enhance the city of Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia. The Music Center promotes music in Belgrade for a wide audience, opening its doors to both young and old music lovers. The concert hall holds more than 250 concerts a year, a third of them organised by the Music Center.

The mission of Kolarac National University is to complement formal education with cultural programming in the fields of classical music, expert lectures, science, world literature, history, ecology and the visual arts. Kolarac represents a unique platform within this area, with the aim of expanding the city’s overall cultural offerings.
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Kolarac Youth Board

Stefan Jovčić

Stefan Jovčić has been developing his skills as a journalist since 2006 when he began writing for one of Serbia’s daily newspapers. In 2009, he became a full member of the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia, and in 2010, a member of the Association of Serbian Rock Musicians. He is presently studying cultural and media management.