The mission of the Kolarac Foundation is to present and promote culture, science and art, alongside lifelong learning.

Through culture and education Kolarac aims to enhance the city of Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia. The Music Center promotes music in Belgrade for a wide audience, opening its doors to both young and old music lovers. The concert hall holds more than 250 concerts a year, a third of them organised by the Music Center.

The mission of Kolarac National University is to complement formal education with cultural programming in the fields of classical music, expert lectures, science, world literature, history, ecology and the visual arts. Kolarac represents a unique platform within this area, with the aim of expanding the city’s overall cultural offerings.
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Kolarac Youth Board

Aleksandra Milanović

Aleksandra Milanović was born in Kruševac in 1991. She is an undergraduate student at Belgrade University in the Department of General Literature and Literary Theory. Milanović is interested in the theory of culture, fiction and pop culture.

Đorđe Mojsilović

Đorđe Mojsilović was born on April 11th, 1991. He graduated in Printing with a focus on typography. Mojsilović now works in the field of Graphic Design, at the moment he is interning at a PR agency. In his free time he composes music, enjoys DJ-ing and studies 3D. He is interested in languages, culture and cultural research through foreign languages. He is a student of Japanese and Russian.

Dunja Babović

Dunja Babović is a student of Dramatic Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade. She is interested in the music industry and aspires to further her studies at Berkeley in the USA. With a passion for singing, Babović regards Kolarac as her second home as she sang in the Children's Choir of Radio Television of Serbia for ten years.

Mario Perović

Mario Perović was born in 1994 and is a student of the University of the Arts in Belgrade in the Faculty of Dramatic Arts.

Milan Đorđević

Milan Đorđević is 23 years old and is interested in working in the fields of culture and visual arts. He is currently studying for his Masters in Fine Art at the University of the Arts in Belgrade.

Miloš Jovanović

Miloš Jovanović was born in Ruma. A music graduate, he endeavours to bring classical music to people. He has sung in choirs, been a member of various bands and organised classical music concerts. A composer, he has also written arrangements for a range of instrumental bands.

Nadica Perović

Nadica Perovićis is an architecture graduate who is currently living and working in Belgrade.

Nikolina Mladenović

Nikolina Mladenović is from Velika Plana and is an electrical engineering student in Belgrade. She enjoys travelling, theatre, books, music and art. She believes that the Take Over Project is an excellent opportunity for both herself and other young people.

Nina Džuver

Nina Džuver is a Masters student in the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the University of the Arts in Belgrade.

Olga Đurić

Olga Đurić studies Art History and is active in the cultural and youth sectors. Olga enjoys travelling, writing and dancing.