Chorea Theatre was founded in 2004 as a result of the collaboration between two groups of performers; The Ancient Orchestra, who develop musical and rhythmical work; and the Dancers of the Labyrinth, who experiment with movement.

In 2007 Chorea and Lodz Art Centre co-founded a cultural institution named The Art Factory, which is situated in an industrial theatre space in the city of Lodz. Over the past eight years Chorea Theatre has developed its educational and artistic programme. Chorea artists have organised many international workshop sessions, two editions of their own international theatre festival, and produced more than 25 theatre productions, trans-national artistic projects, performances, and concerts.

Chorea's Take Over Festival will be a part of the Retroperspektywy International Theatre Festival


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Chorea Youth Board

Aleksandra Ziomek

Aleksandrais is a student at Łódź University of Technology. She loves to play sports and has been dancing for many years. In her spare time Aleksandra watches films, goes to concerts and reads modern literature. She can also be found wondering the streets of Łódź admiring the beautiful architecture. 

Alicja Tranda

Alicja is dedicated to the arts, she loves to dance and sing. As an architectural student she can also be found looking for interesting buildings around her home city of Łódź

Anna Maszewska

Anna prides herself on being enthusiastic, but also a bit of a perfectionist. She is drawn to people with passion and creative ideas. Anna loves her home city, Łódź and dreams of owning a boat and sailing across the Finnish lakes when she is older. 

Basia Cieślewicz

Basia took part in Take Over due to her passion for theatre and dance. She enjoys socialising with people and helping others to achieve their goals. Basia hopes to inspire other young people through her involvement with the festival, 

Ewa Otomańska

Ewa is a recent graduate in Theatre and Film from Łódź High School. She loves facing new challenges and overcoming boundaries. Ewa finds joy in dancing and believes it is the best way to express her emotions. Above all she appreciates freedom, honesty and chocolate. 

Jakub Morawski

After graduating from High School in Theatre and Film studies Jakub now studies Journalism and Social Communication at the University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź. Jakub was a Scout leader for many years and he ran the Scout’s Artistic Group.

Marta Kaczmarek

Marta loves theatre and dance, she can never sit still for long.

Remigiusz Pilarczyk

Remigiusz is very passionate about theatre, he loves the creative opportunities it holds and the ability it has to influence people. He is a great believer in teamwork and greatly enjoys working with the other Youthboard members to produce something that is a results of everyone’s dedication.  

Tomasz Hołubowicz

Tomasz is currently studying Cultural Studies in Łódź. He is interested in the boundaries that theatre can breakdown and is a lover of music.