BIOS has been creating interdisciplinary works across performance, design, music and art as a creative company since 2000. It organises and hosts a range of cultural events, while maintaining an open dialogue with urban culture.

BIOS has become a well-known centre for Athens' contemporary art and multi-media scene. The organisation plays host to various events: exhibitions, screenings, theatre performances, music acts, educational programs and conferences. It has contributed to the creation, expression and development of new ideas and is now acknowledged as a central point of cultural communication.

Bios, which was founded by young cultural managers, has aged with its audience and is now looking to reconnect with the next generation of audiences. 

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Nicole Nikolaou

Nicole comes from a family of four that encourage creativity and free thinking. She studied Economics at University but at the same time took photography and contemporary dance lessons that made her everyday life more colorful. She then went on to study Cultural Management in the UK. After returning to Athens she volunteered in exhibitions and art events before joining the Bios Youth Board. Nicole never wants to stop learning new things and hopes to live life to the fullest.

Christina Christodoulou

Christina is a graduate in History and Theory of Art. She then studied Textile Management in order to combine two fields that can interact with one another. She loves to experiment and collaborate with individuals through Take Over who are open to innovative ideas. 

Anna Louizidi

Anna Louizidi is a student at Athens University of Economics and Business, in the department of Management Science and Technology. She is also studying a minor in Psychology at Deree College. Her passion is theatre and she is a member of a non-professional theatrical team of the Greek National Theatre. By taking part in Take Over she hopes to improve her team work skills and learn how to combine art and business objectives and widen her knowledge of the arts.

Joanna Theodorou

Joanna Theodorou was born in Brussels and raised around Europe by Greek parents, she is now based in Athens. Though her background is in Cultural Events Management, she is also involved in youth entrepreneurship and civic engagement. What drew her to Take Over was the chance to shape a new prototype of how young people interact with cultural organisations and create their own projects.

Irini-Alexandra Katopodis

Irini-Alexandra Katopodis is a 22 year old graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Anthropology. She moved to Athens in 2015, where she trained for the 2016 Rio Olympics to represent Greece in swimming. 

Andreas Trifonopoulos

Andreas is currently studying Business Administration at Athens University of Economics and Business. He sees working with a major Greek cultural organisation as a perfect chance to get involved and help discover any uncharted aspects of urban life and interests of young people in Athens.


Konstantinos Zarmakoupis

Konstantinos Zarmakoupis’s attended the Experimental Music High School and graduated from the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications at the University of Athens. During his degree he spent a semester in Helsinki learning about Scandinavian culture. He believes that participating in Take Over will give him the opportunity to experience what he loves about the arts as well as to work with people that share a common altruistic goal.