BIOS has been creating interdisciplinary works across performance, design, music and art as a creative company since 2000. It organises and hosts a range of cultural events, while maintaining an open dialogue with urban culture.

BIOS has become a well-known centre for Athens' contemporary art and multi-media scene. The organisation plays host to various events: exhibitions, screenings, theatre performances, music acts, educational programs and conferences. It has contributed to the creation, expression and development of new ideas and is now acknowledged as a central point of cultural communication.

Bios, which was founded by young cultural managers, has aged with its audience and is now looking to reconnect with the next generation of audiences. 

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BIOS Youth Board

Anastasia Kallou

Anastasia Kallou is 18 and going to study Geography. She has been volunteering at Schoolwave Festival since 2012 and her dream is to organise huge events like music festivals. 

Christos Karasavvidis

Christos Karasavvidis is an actor, writer and director. He graduated from Art Theater of Karolos Koun and is a member of new theatrical writers of the National Theatre of Greece. He also studied Finance at University of Piraeus.

Daphne Vakalopoulou

Daphne Vakalopoulou is a 21 year old interior design student. She spent a semester in Madrid as an Erasmus student which gave her the opportunity to understand different cultures and appreciate diversity. She is very grateful to be a part of Take Over, as it gives her the chance to start reaching her goals through a great experience with fascinating young people.

Maria Kozari Mela

Maria Kozari Mela is a graphic designer, she is studying a Master's Degree in Digital Arts at Athens School of Fine Arts. She is an animation maniac, comic book aficionado and cinephile who loves traveling, design and music. She is willing to collaborate with her Take Over colleagues in order to create appealing visual content using her design ideas and experience. She is also keen on visiting fellow Take Over Youth Boards and collaborating with them in order to organise broader events.

Semeli Georgiou

Semeli Georgiou works as a translator and has an economics background. Her interest lies in heritage management and cultural tourism. She has previously organised her own mini underground music festival and took on the promotion and production of a theatrical performance. 

Vrez Utujyan

Vrez is a Faculty of Music (University of Athens) graduate and also has a Piano Performance Diploma from the Athens Conservatoire. During his last year he worked at a major radio station as a production assistant, while taking part in various concerts as a pianist. He enjoys dealing with web design and development, as well as reading about the principles of entrepreneurship. 

Alexia Pappa

Alexia Pappa studies Communication, Media and Culture. She grew up in Athens, but spent her summers up in the mountains, underneath the trees. As a child, she painted all the time and was inspired when meeting artists. She admires creators so much, that she has decided to join forces with them through collaborative projects. The Take Over Project is a chance for her to meet new friends, and co-create cultural activities that expresses the needs, feelings and concerns of the Athenian Youth.

Fay Pitsilidou

Fay Pitsilidou is 27 years old and one of the oldest participants in the Bios Take Over. She studied journalism and most of the time keeps herself busy with cultural activities.

Through Take Over, she aims to learn not only how to manage projects, but also how to work effectively in a team. Although different personalities and interests might seem prone to clash, she actually believes that this is an exciting challenge, and she looks forward to the experience.


Nancy Boukli

Nancy Boukli is an actress and professional DJ. She enjoys team work and appreciates when people from all specialties and different fields come together to share knowledge, imagination, style and creativity to achieve a common goal. She is curious to see how her Youth Board can share their findings. She is extremely interested to discover how she could manage an event both independently and with others, from creation to execution and to learn how to turn an idea into reality.