The aim of the Take Over Project is to encourage more young people into arts venues. Partners from the UK, Greece, Serbia, Poland and Italy are working to engage with a wider and more diverse audience. 

Alongside the British Council the partners - Bios in Greece, Chorea in Poland, Kolarac in Serbia,and Teatro della Limonaia in Italy, have set up Youth Boards, for people aged 18 – 28. Members have been given free rein over their projects, programming events from their point of view. This has allowed young people the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge, and the connections they need to kick start a career in performing arts. Senior managers at the venues have been given a rare chance to view their organisation from the ‘outside’, through the eyes of the youth board.

The project runs from January 2015 to August 2017. To find out more about what’s taken place visit the Story so far page. 

"Take Over has been a unique experience for me as it is a chance to learn how to plan an event from the beginning and a chance to make our own ideas come true" 

- Anastasia Kallou, Take Over Bios Youth Board member


Take Over investigates a demand-led model for youth audience development, establishing a Youth Board in four of the partner organisations. The Youth Boards work closely with venue staff, providing insight into what attracts audiences of their generation. As well as providing valuable work-experience, the Youth Board will help ensure that young people’s voices and opinions are considered in artistic programmes and visions.

During the project Youth Boards from each institution will be in charge of curating and producing Take Over events, offering them a chance to reflect their generation’s cultural aspirations.

Over the course of the project, and as a result of our learnings, a set of resources on how to set up and manage a Youth Board in a sustainable way will be produced. These will be available on this website from April 2017.