We talked to Limonaia Youth Board members, Elena Poggioni, Valentina Esposito and Gaia Fronzaroli, about their Take Over Project. Read about their favorite moments and ambitions for the future.  

How do you think the events went?

Elena: The Take Over event in Limonaia was an innovative and entertaining event. I think we managed efficiently with the resources we had and we achieved our goal: to bring a diverse mix of young people to theatre.

Gaia: We wanted to bring young people to theatre through an event that was totally conceived for them. We offered a new way to experience the theatre space and during the evening we saw many people coming and going, walking around the theatre to listen the concert, seeing the video installation, watching the show, having a beer, talking with friends, interacting with the space, not like an inactive spectator, but in an active way. Many of them had never been to Teatro della Limonaia, so what we achieved was great!

Were you given as much creative control as you would have liked?

Elena: Yes, especially when deciding the core theme of the event, which was new technologies in performing arts.

Gaia: At the beginning we proposed a different plan for the final event, but after some advice we changed our idea and we started to work freely on our project.

Why did you first become interested in the Take Over project and how did you hear about it?

Valentina: I read about the project on my University’s mailing list and I decided to participate in the project because I wanted to work in a theatre and meet people in a similar situation.

Gaia: I was already connected with Teatro della Limonaia, through our first Project Director, Michele Panella. I was very interested because Take Over represented an opportunity to put into practice what I was studying at the University and what I would like to do one day, in a professional way.

Have you been involved with anything similar in the past – or this is a completely new experience for you?

Elena: Take Over was the first European project I participated in and the first event management’s learning programme I was involved in.

What was it like working with the other members of the Youth Board?

Valentina: Working with the other members of the youth board was a good experience. Each member of the Youth Board has different interests, different academic backgrounds and different ideas about the cultural world. It's really interesting because the final event was the result of much compromise and for me it presented the possibility to learn from the others.

Gaia: It was amazing! We divided the work in to different roles so we were each responsible for a specific thing. Working in this way has been very useful and easy for all the members and for the general organization.

Has the experience encouraged you to pursue a career in theatre or helped you on your way?

Gaia: Yes, absolutely. I’ve learnt many things, especially in the administration part, I’ll take the skills and information with me in my future career.

Is there any chance of you organising more events at Limonaia?

Elena: Yes, for sure. I have cooperated with another cultural association that works in the field of cinema and video art called The Factory and there will probably be an opportunity to present our works at Limonaia Theatre next year.

Finally – what has been the best think about the Take Over project so far?

Elena: I loved getting in touch with young people from other countries, with different cultures and different working methods and I really appreciated learning different ways of managing events from them.

Gaia: One of the most beautiful things about the Take Over Project has been the possibility to work almost freely, and having carte blanche for the artistic and decisional part. And undoubtedly the opportunity to travel, to meet new people from different country, to see new cities, new places, to see different shows and different cultures.

Valentina: The best think about the project is the cultural exchange: the possibility to meet and talk with guys that come from other countries and work in totally different venues with different kinds of art, it presented a big challenge for us to learn and grow from.