A member of the Kolarac Youth Board. Courtesy of Kolarac.

Andrija Stojanović, a Kolarac team member, describes the process of recruiting for their youth board...

The Kolarac Endowment is recognised as a unique institution of excellence in the field of classical music, playing an irreplaceable cultural role. Choosing members for the Youth Board was a difficult task due to the specific values, traditions, and quality of Kolarac. We needed young people with a love of classical music and an ability to show constructive criticism towards Kolarac, however, we had to recruit beyond regular Kolarac visitors and people with an academic understanding of classical music.
During the selection process, we listened to the candidates ideas, but these ideas had to be in line with the ideals of the organisation. We asked for young people to understand Kolarac and to aid us in making a great events programme. The group had to be flexible, but at the same time operational and capable of creative tasks.

The selection process itself consisted of three rounds, sending CVs, with a letter of motivation. After that we interviewed the candidates, which was later followed by two workshops, testing the abilities and skills of the candidates. After the three rounds we formed a group consisting of cultural managers, visual artists, art historians, playwrights, architects, philologists and educated classical musicians.

We will have to wait until the Festival to see whether or not we made good choices.