Hear from the BIOS Youth Board about their Take Over 

The BIOS Youth Board take you behind the scenes of their Take Over and reveal how they developed events around the theme of psychedelia.

Semeli Georgiou, a BIOS Youth Board member, shares her experience of the Take Over Project 

"I enjoyed the research process the most. Everyone had a unique take on Psychedelia. Not only was it really interesting to see new exhilarating stuff, but it was also exciting to see the way that each person had chosen to communicate it. I thoroughly enjoyed watching short films and listening to new bands in order to decide on the screenings and the live music performance. One of the highlights was the feedback we got from the musicians who thanked us for providing them with the opportunity to collaborate, experiment and create something new. The biggest challenge was the lack of time and the compromises that we had to make in order to pull this off. I’ve learned that communication is key, time is valuable and that in the end – almost miraculously – everything works out. Of course, there were some mishits, but overall I’m satisfied with the outcome, especially considering the time constraints. The fact that we’ve experienced the whole process of creating a festival, from conception to production, makes this a really valuable hands-on experience."