Teatro della Limonaia, Italy
Saturday 22 October 2016 to Sunday 23 October 2016

Limonaia Take Over events will be held as part of the InterCity Festival 29

Festival Programme

The Take Over Final Event, 22 October, 9pm – 2am

The Italian Youth Board’s final Take Over event will focus on new digital technologies in theatre and the performing arts. The event will give young Italian artists the chance to showcase their experimental works, exploring new possibilities and techniques in theatre, dance and audiovisual.

21:00, Imago. Concerto per corpi e vibrazioni visuali
(Imago. Concert for bodies and visual vibrations)
by Gianfranco De Franco and Teatro Kripton
Experimental theatre. Live music. Dance. Visual art. Dance-theatre.

23:00 - 2:00, Non avresti un attimo per uno sguardo?
(Have you got time for a glance?)
by Ateneo del Libero Pensiero
Performing survey. Live music. Dance. Live painting.

Unreleased songs from suburbs
by Matteo Poli and Marcello Gori
Live music. Synth. Guitar. Trumpet.

Turn on, tune in, drop out
Dj set. Electronic music. Techno. Dub.

21:00 - 2:00, VISUAL FAC#2
by The FactoryPrd
Video art. Visual. Art installation.