Sextet formed part of the BIOS Youth Board Take Over events programme ©


Members of the BIOS staff and Youth Board reflect on their Take Over Project 

Akis, a member of the team at BIOS, explains how they chose their Youth Board members:

 ‘We wanted to find members with different interests. Some of them are involved in theatre, others in art and many different types of music, such a variety of interests has allowed for diverse ideas and cross collaborations. One of our main targets at BIOS is to promote a range of cultural activities’.

BIOS Youth Board members Andreas and Konstantinos give an insight into the challenges they faced and their favourite moments…  

Andreas how did you find out about the project?  

‘Everyone in the Youth Board found out about the project in different ways, some people heard about it by visiting BIOS, others through the Facebook page and I got to know about it through an advert’.
Konstantinos how much did BIOS allow the Youth Board to organise?
‘We were given complete freedom from BIOS to programme events that we wanted. However, there were times when we needed advice and this is something that the team at BIOS were very able to give’.
Konstantinos reveals one of the challenges involved with creating the Take Over events:
‘I am a musician myself, so for one of the shows I wanted the dancers to perform to live music, as I feel without live music there is something missing. It was a challenge to bring together two sets of performers – musicians and dancers – into one cohesive production as they had not worked together before. We had to work hard to achieve a good result and make sure everyone was focusing on the same goal and idea. We were given the target to create something good, and as many dancers from Athens were talking about the show and how well it went I feel we definitely achieved this.’

The Youth Board have also been asked to present ‘Mash’, a dance performance they programmed as part of their Take Over, at a cultural festival in the municipality of Marousi.

The Youth Board members highlighted that it was also a challenge to work with the other Youth Board members, due to the variety of interests and backgrounds of the group. ‘Many people had different ideas and goals, which sometimes made it difficult to come to an agreement – however, the differences in opinion meant that our events were very varied’. Andreas explains that they were able to achieve good results by dividing tasks between smaller groups, for example some people were involved with planning and others in communication.
Andreas do you feel the Take Over Project has informed your career choices?
‘The Take Over Project has definitely made me interested in a career involving culture and planning. So far a few friends and myself have set up a project space and put on an exhibition.’
What was your favourite part of the Take Over?
Konstantinos: ‘My favourite part of the project was the dance performance ‘Sextet’, as the audience really enjoyed it and it was a challenge to organise, and therefore very rewarding’.
Andreas: I really enjoyed the film screenings, we put on a programme of screenings throughout the Take Over. We combined a variety of films: normal films, short films, films from the 60s and current films, which all had the common theme of psychedelia, it was a really interesting artistic experiment.’